Welcome to First Presbyterian Church of Ridgefield Park. A Multicultural Ministry.

One church that worship in English and en Español.

Music, Bible time and Prayer at 9:30 am.

Worship Service at 1:45 pm

Música, Biblia y Oración a las 9:30 am.

Adoración a la 1:45 pm

All are welcome!!! Bienvenidas y Bienvenidos!


We are located at 227 Euclid Avenue in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey (07660): 2 blocks E of Main Street, 2 blocks W of Teaneck Road, and 2 blocks North of Mount Vernon Street, on the SE corner of Euclid and Poplar Streets.

We are a Christ-centered, Bible-based, teaching church focusing on the gospel, on spiritual development (based on our union with Christ), and on building the Body of Christ through fellowship and mutual ministry: encouraging the development of home-based fellowship groups, and bringing the Body of Christ together on Sunday (the Lord’s Day), in unity around God’s Word, to pray, worship and partake of our Lord’s  Table. After listening to the Scriptures, we worship God every week by hearing the Gospel of Christ. As we worship, we love to sing and pray.